Can chopping off a body part really stop the infection from spreading
throughout your body?

Situation: You’ve been bit on the finger.

Somehow you are close enough to chop that finger off quickly. Could it stop
the infection? It is possible that you caught the infection before it made it
anywhere else in the body. As long as you patch that finger off quickly, and
very quickly at that as a drop of blood will travel around the body in about a
minute for the average healthy person, you might just have a slight chance.

While you are instantly, without hesitation, taking care of that wound; you
find yourself vulnerable to that zombie who bit you in the first place. Just
because you are taking a time out to chop off a limb does not mean he is going
to wait for you.

So in most situations you either are too shocked, because you have been
bitten, to act, or bitten again because you acted against the first bite.

In the end you are most likely a new recruit amongst the undead ranks so take
out that zombie and say your final goodbyes. I hear human meat is good anyways;
it’s all the moan around town

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