Everytime you bring up zombies there is always at least one person who says
that they will go to a shopping center. But why is that such a bad idea? It  
has all of the supplies and if you got there you could easily hold out a long
time… right?

Yes you would have the supplies, but how many others have that same idea?

It will be full of people trying to do the same thing as you get away
from the undead and gather as many supplies as possible. So before the undead even arrive you find yourself fight humans for supplies. If you survive this you  find yourself against the true threat, the undead.

To the undead you are an easy meal. Not only does your normal center has a giant glass window across the front of the store, but it also comes with doors that open automatically until the power goes out. Not only will the easy sight through the windows make you an easy target, but the amount of people in a  small location will also make Walmart a very appealing target for the zombies who are after you.

So maybe start paying the extra dime for the ketchup at the local stores. Because if you are familiar with their location you will find much less resistance there and a much safer place to gather supplies. As the center and all the stores like it will be a graveyard.

4/2/2011 07:29:31 pm

I find it incredible that more blogs and forums are not as pleasant as this one. Often times when I land on a website page the articles and other content is so deficient that I move on without delay. That is not the case here. Thanks so much.


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