Rifle, 500 rounds
Shotgun, twelve-gauge, 250 shells
Pistol, .45 caliber, 250 rounds
Silencer (rifle)
Silencer (pistol)
Heavy crossbow (in lieu of silencers), 150 bolts
Telescopic sight (rifle)
Night-vision scope (rifle)
Laser sight (rifle)
Laser sight (pistol)
Katana sword
Wakizashi or other short-bladed sword
Two knives with smooth, six- to eight-inch blades
Hand hatchet

(NOTE: This list applies to a single individual. Numbers should be adjusted depending on the number of        people in the group.)

Water, three quarts per day, for cooking and washing
Hand-pumped water filter
Four replacement filters
Cistern for collecting rainwater
Iodine and/or purification tablets . Canned food, three cans per day (preferable to dried goods in that
they contain some water)
   Two portable electric stoves
Advanced medical kit (must include field-surgery implements and
Bicyclepowered electric generator
Gasoline generator (to be used only in emergencies)
Twenty gallons of gasoline
Rechargeable, battery-powered shortwave radio
Two battery-powered flashlights
Two rechargeable, battery-powered electric lamps
Two rechargeable, battery-powered andlor solar-powered radios
Appropriate reinforcement materials, including lumber, bricks, mortar, etc.
Extensive tool kit, including sledgehammer, ax, handsaw, etc.
Lime and/or bleaching powder in sufficient supply to maintain
One high-powered telescope (80X-100X), with spare lenses and cleaning equipment
Fifteen emergency flares .
Thirty-five chemical light sticks
Five fire extinguishers
Two sets of earplugs
Spare parts for all aforementioned machinery and user's manuals Extensive library of manuals, including a general disaster manual

(NOTE: As with weapons, personal items such as food, water, and medicine must be multiplied for the number of people in your group.)