1. OBEY THE LAW!: Regulations governing weapons such as frearms and explosives depend on your location.
2. TRAIN CONSTANTLY: No matter what weapon you choose, from a simple machete to a semiautomatic rifle, it must become an extension of your body.
3. CARE FOR YOUR TOOLS: Weapons, no matter how simple they may be, must be cared for as if they were living things.
4. BEWARE DISPLAY ITEMS: Many companies offer a variety of replica weapons, such as swords, bows, etc., that are meant merely for decoration.
5. DEVELOP THE FIRST WEAPON: The human body, if cared for and trained properly, is the greatest weapon on earth.
6. CLOSE COMBAT: Hand-to-hand combat should almost always be avoided.
7. BLUDGEONS: When using a blunt weapon, the goal is to cmsh the brain (remember, the only way to kill a zombie is by destroying its brain).
8. EDGED WEAPONS: Blades, in any form, have advantages and disadvantages over bludgeons. Those that have enough strength to 1 hit the skull rarely stand up after many repetitions.
9. MISCELLANEOUS HAND WEAPONS: Spears, pikes, and tridents serve to skewer a zombie, keeping it out of reach but not necessarily scoring a kill.
  A. Can it crush a skull in one blow?
  B. If not, can it decapitate in said blow?
  C. Is it easy to handle?
  D. Is it light?
  E. Is it durable
11. POWER TOOLS: Popular fiction has shown us the awesome, brutal power of the chainsaw.
12. SLINGS AND ARROWS: It is a commonly held notion that using non-f~earrnb allistics such as bows and slingshots are a waste of energy and resources.
13. THE SLING: Made famous from the biblical story of David and Goliath, this weapon has been part of our heritage since prehistoric times.
14. THE SLINGSHOT: A descendant of the leather strap, the modem slingshot has at least ten times the accuracy of its ancestor, the sling.
15. THE BLOWGUN: Given that poison has no effect on the undead, discount this weapon entirely.
16. SHURIK: These small, multipoint devices were used in feudal Japan to pierce a human skull.
17. THROWING KNIVES: As with shuriken, these short-range weapons require weeks of practice to hit something as large as a human body and months to hit something as small as a human head.
18. THE BOW: To be blunt, hitting a zombie through the head with an arrow is an extremely difficult feat.
19. THE CROSSBOW: The power and accuracy of a modem crossbow can send a BOLT clean through a zombie's skull at over a quarter mile.
20. HAND BOW: Smaller, one-handed crossbows can serve as a complement to your primary weapon.
21. FIREARMS: Of all the weapons discussed nothing is more important than your primary firearm avoid full auto
22. SUBMACHINGEUN:The problem presented by this weapon is similar to that of the heavy machine gun: ammo expended versus living dead dispatched.
ASSAULT RIFLE: This weapon was invented originally to bridge the gap between the I rifle and submachine gun, offering both range and rapid fre.
BOLT-/LEVER-ACTION RIFLE: A product of the mid-nineteenth century, these weapons are often regarded as obsolete wrong.
25. SEMIAUTOMATIC RIFLE: Since its debut, this weapon has shown itself to be a superior zombie killer.
26. SHOTGUN: At close range against human attackers, this weapon reigns supreme. Against the living dead, this is not entirely true.
27. PISTOL: Unlike our fictional heroes, the average person may have difficulty hitting anything, let alone something as small and mobile as a zombie's head.
.22-CALIBERRIM FIRE: In an attack by the undead the diminutive .22 rimfire stands proudly alongside its heavier cousins.
ARMOR: Speed and agility should be your first defense against the walking dead
CHAWMAIL: If worn from head to toe this simpler form of armor actually does provide some protection from zombie bites.
31. SHARK SUIT: Although designed for protection against shark bites this mesh bodysuit can stand up to the toughest undead jaws.
32. HELMETS: This type of armor would be invaluable to ghouls, if only they knew enough to wear them.
BULLETPROOF VESTS: Because almost all combat-related zombie bites occur on the limbs this and other torso armor are a total waste of time.
TIGHT CLOTHES AND SHORT HAIR: Cold, hard figures have shown that when battling the living dead, nothing has saved more victims than basic, tight clothing and closely cropped hair.
35. For Class 1 conflicts, most people's homes will provide adequate shelter. There is no need to flee the city or town as soon as you hear that
the dead are walking. In fact, this is highly discouraged.
THE HOME: Before the dead rise, before the chaos and carnage begin, certain homeowners will find that they are safer than their neighbors.
37. EXCEPTIONS: Stilted homes, as seen on beaches and along rivers and other high watermark areas, were built mainly to avoid being overrnn by floods.
Modifications to Houses: Securing a house against the undead is similar to securing it from the living.
Apartments: Apartments and apartment buildings vsuy in size and layout and, therefore in defensibility.
SUPPLIES: Once the private residence is secure, stockpiling for a siege must be undertaken.
Weapons: Whereas in the field you must travel light to maintain mobility, in your home you have the luxury of storing and maintaining a plethora of weapons.
42. Remember a decapitated head can still bite.