1. Develop a family emergency plan. Share it with family and friends, and practice the plan. Visit
www.z-o-r-t.weebly.com for help creating a plan.
2. Create an Emergency Supply Kit for your household.
3. Be informed. Visit www.z-o-r-t.weebly.com or obtain a copy of “The Zombie Survival Guide by going to links page.
4. Know how to shelter-in-place and how to turn off utilities (power, gas, and water) to your home.
5. Examine volunteer opportunities in your community, such as ZORT, Citizen Corps, Volunteers in Police Service, Neighborhood Watch or others, and donate your time.
6. Consider completing an American first aid or CPR course , or ZORT (CERT) course.
7. Start building your arsenal of weapons needed to protect your home and family from the inevitable invasion.
8. Practice as often as possible with your weapons.

1. Complete recommended steps at level green.
2. Review stored disaster supplies and replace items that are outdated.
Ensure your ammunition supply is topped off. Stock up if neccessary. Recommended 1000 rounds of pistol ammunition, 1000 rounds of rifle ammunition. If you need more assistance as to what to get, contact an Anti-Zombie League member at
www.z-o-r-t.weebly.com4. Carry a weapon wherever legally possible.
5. Be alert to suspicious activity and report it to proper authorities (ZORT Member).

1. Complete recommended steps at levels green and blue.
2. Ensure disaster supply kit is stocked and ready.
3. Check telephone numbers in family emergency plan and update as necessary.
4. Develop alternate routes to/from work or school and practice them.
5. Continue to be alert for suspicious activity and report it to authorities.
6. Start loading your spare magazines.

1. Complete recommended steps at lower levels.
2. Exercise caution when traveling, pay attention to travel advisorie.
3. Review your family emergency plan and make sure all family members know what to do. Ensure all that are legally able are carrying firearms.
4. Carbines and shotguns should be carried at all times while at home.
5. Be Patient. Expect some delays, baggage searches and restrictions at public buildings.
6. Check on neighbors or others that might need assistance in an emergency. If they try to eat your brain, kill them and contact authorities.

1. Complete recommended steps at lower levels.
2. Listen to local emergency management officials.
3. Stay tuned to TV or radio for current information/instructions.
4. Be prepared to shelter-in-place or evacuate, as instructed.
5. Severe Risk Expect traffic delays and restrictions.
6. Provide volunteer services only as requested.
7. Board up your windows and doors, and be sure that you are armed at all times.