A self-funded organisation to serve and protect major cities and towns from Zombie outbreaks and attacks.

The One Weapon That Turns Any Advancing Army Into A Retreating One? Fear.
  This is the exact reason why conventional warfare is next to useless against zombies. Zombies have no recollection of human emotions or instincts. They have no hindrance from a feeling of dread in the pits of their stomachs. They know no hesitation due to the thought of dying, or losing their loved ones. They only know one thing: The Need to Feed. Due to this singular, incessant, feeling of ravenous hunger, they will never stop their advancements upon sheltered humans. They will never turn at the sight of their "comrades" falling beside them in battle. They will never flee when fresh meat waits ahead, no matter how insane the obstacles that may lay before them. We understand this. We know this. And that is why; it is our duty to our countries to train and prepare for the moment the zombies begin to spread their virus amongst our people.


Thank You for contacting the Zombie Outbreak Response Team. Please contact us with the date, time, and location of suspected outbreak contact us page, and we will dispatch team members immediately. Thank you for your support in keeping the world zombie free.

please make a donation we are self funded and in bad need of equipment many thanks.